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Estonia cryptocurrency company

Why Estonia is a good place for cryptocurrency companies?

Estonia is known as a digital nation, and has been on the forefront of innovation for two decades. Estonia is one of the only countries in Europe to have specific licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges and e-wallet providers. Estonia cryptocurrency company – we will help you in starting your business.

Estonia cryptocurrency company benefits

estonia cryptocurrency
  • 100% foreign ownership and directors are allowed.
  • No need to have local employees or Estonian resident board-members.
  • You do not have to pay in the share capital when you register the company.
  • Access to the EU market and banking options.
  • E-residency program and company registration within few days.
  • Specific crypto exchange and e-wallet licenses.
  • 0% corporate tax.
  • Profit distribution is taxed at 20% on gross dividends.
  • Minimum bureaucracy.
  • No need to visit Estonia to register or manage the company.

Obtaining the crypto licenses in Estonia

crypto estonia

Process of obtaining the Estonian crypto license

  • Register a company

    Registration of the Estonian company.

  • Receive licenses

    Submitting the license application and documentation.

  • Open an account

    The whole process takes 30-45 days in general.

estonia cryptocurrency

You need


days to start a business in Estonia

Description of services

  • About licenses


    Estonian crypto license descriptions are as follows:

    1. Providers of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
    2. Providers of a virtual currency wallet service

    The first one allows you to exchange fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat. Usually, crypto to crypto transactions do not require a license.

    The second license allows you to provide e-wallet services for virtual currencies. You can generate and keep encrypted keys on the behalf of the client, i.e providing custodial services of the required credentials to access the virtual currencies.

  • Requirements

    Requirements for obtaining the Estonian crypto licenses.

    To obtain the Estonian crypto licenses, the AML/KYC procedural rules and internal auditing rules documentation have to be created and submitted together with the application. All shareholders, management body members and the compliance officer have to provide their non-criminal history documents (apostilled/legalised). The compliance officer has to have the university diploma, preferably in either economics, finance or law. The compliance officer also has to provide the resume/CV. As per FIU request, the compliance officer may need to travel to Estonia to do an interview with the FIU.

  • Timeframe

    Time to getting licensed

    The company registration time depends whether you already have an e-residency card or not. With the e-residency card, it takes 1-2 days. With the power of attorneys, it takes usually around 1,5 – 2 weeks. If you travel to Estonia, it takes few days, although the notary time has to be set at least 5 days in advance.

    Once the documents are submitted to the Estonian FIU, they take up to 30 working days to process the license application and to decide whether the Estonian crypto licenses are issued to your company. If all documents are in order, the positive decision is granted.

  • Opening bank account

    Opening the bank account for the Estonian crypto company

    Opening the bank account for companies doing business in the crypto industry is one of the most complicated issues. We’ve spent many hours identifying suitable banks, and provide 8-9 options to our clients. We can assist with the application procedures with an hourly fee, or can suggest the banking options and clients go through the on-boarding processes independently.

  • Taxation

    Taxation of crypto company in Estonia

    There’s no specific tax regime for crypto companies in Estonia. Estonian company taxation system has been on the number one position for 4 years in a row on the OECD tax competitiveness index. Estonian companies have no corporate tax. Tax is only paid when profit is distributed. Profit can be distributed by paying dividends (20% tax on gross dividends) or through paying salaries (taxed in the country of residency of the recipient). Estonian VAT rate is 20%.

  • Our expertise

    Our experience and expertise

    Comistar has helped more than 50 companies to obtain the Estonian cryptocurrency licenses, including for clients outside of Europe (China, South-Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Canada, and Russia). We have, given talks, written books and developed applications for crypto and tokenisation industry, and have been active in that industry for several years. Comistar provides accounting for crypto companies, legal & tax advisory, as well as tech expertise via our partners.

  • Crypto Exchange Platform

    White label crypto exchange platform

    Thanks to years of operating in the blockchain industry we’ve established a large network of entrepreneurs and experts in the field. One of the partnerships we’ve developed is with a tech provider for crypto exchanges. If you don’t have your own tech solution, do not hesitate to enquire and we can connect you with the tech provider directly.

We are a team of experts you can trust

Outsourced AML officers, interns & part-time staff


Mikk Maal

Blockchain & legal advisor

Hannes Uibooss

Accounting & finances for crypto companies

Kardi Arnik

Accountant for crypto companies

Yin Cao

Crypto advisor for Asian markets

Kristo Nilov

Lawyer & AML expert for crypto companies

Expected costs & expenses

Company registration with e-residency


Company registration in Estonia costs with the e-residency card includes state fee payment to the Estonian government (190€), virtual office for one year & contact person service for one year. Total 530€. If you don’t have the e-residency card yet, it costs 100€ to obtain one.

Company registration through notary


If you don’t have the e-residency card, then we can do the registration via notary. We can prepare and use the power of attorneys to represent you at the notary, or you can travel to Tallinn to visit notary in person.

The price 1700€ includes:

  • drafting the PoAs,
  • translation of PoAs from ENG to EST by the sworn translator,
  • notary fees,
  • state fees,
  • virtual office 1 year and contact person 1 year.
  • All inclusive, no hidden fees or surprises.

Licensing of the Estonian crypto company

15 300€

15 300€ price includes the following:

  • Crypto exchange and e-wallet licenses,
  • i.e. licensing documentation (KYC/AML),
  • preparing and submitting the application,
  • English equivalent of the KYC/AML rules (original documents are in Estonian as required),
  • state fees,
  • bank suggestions.
  • Second 50% is paid only upon successful grant of the licenses.

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